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Website design, brand design, web positioning, advertising campaigns in Google Ads
Diseño Web UX - GalapagosAboard.com

The design of our website is the letter of introduction of our online business for our target audience and potential clients. A good web design can encourage increased conversions, profitability and positioning of our business in the best Google search results.

GalapagosAboard.com asked us for a minimalist and elegant premium design that incorporates friendly e-commerce, designed to attract more customers.

SEO Positioning

Optimized for Google searches

Google Ads

Study of keywords and advertising campaigns for conversions


Clean and elegant with a complete offer that allows real-time purchases


a site optimized and integrated with tools to improve its search engine performance

We develop an intelligent website that adapts to the requirements of the most popular search engines, the main objective; an elegant cover letter that gives the customer confidence to convert in e-commerce

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“Intrepid Mixologists are trusted advisors and an extension of my own team. Working with them is always a collaborative partnership and I can trust feedback and good results. They consistently exceed our expectations. If you need a bold project, they are your best choice.»

Adriana Herrera

General Manager - GalapagosAboard.com


Un sitio web atractivo visualmente y optimizado que permite obtener clientes potenciales de manera orgánica mediante posicionamiento web (SEO) y campañas publicitarias pagadas 

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