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Designing a customer relationship is a delicate art form. Trust, security, affinity, familiarity are essential elements to take into account. The infusion of these elements that make or support purchasing decisions can make the difference between success and failure. From business finance, education, health, tourism, technology and more, Intrepid Marketing Studio has been the architect of brands large and small.


We focus on growth from any stage of the company’s life cycle. Whether it is a start-up or the launch of new products, we have executed strategic brand developments for dozens of companies in Ecuador.


«Intrepid Marketing Studio provided us with excellent advice from our first meeting, it understands the objectives that our travel agency wants to achieve, it designed a dynamic page focused on achieving the results we are achieving; its responses and solutions to any problem are immediate, we are very happy with the service»

Carolina Egas

General Manager - Nomadic Ecuador


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